Isn't it the fact that I am still alive and healthy after all these past several months, cycling without a face mask with the greatest confidence that I absolutely won't catch covid, more than enough proof that whatever I'm doing must be working exceptionally well?

Before I start telling you about a superior way for dealing with the pandemic, I must first shed light on the serious problems in our daily preventative measures.

Debunking the Top 3 Precautions

Look, if these precautions really worked like a charm, don't you think there would be logically far fewer people dying from the disease? The daily death toll tells quite plainly that something isn't working. Let's take a close look at each preventative measure.

  1. Social-Distancing.  Everywhere you might go nowadays, you are expected automatically to mind your distance by maintaining six feet away from everyone around you. What's the obvious major problem with this six feet of separation? If this six-feet rule is intended to keep us safe by helping us avoid catching the disease, then the distance between individuals everywhere in public places realistically ought to be greater, at least 18 feet for it to work at all. Do you realize how fast and how far an airborne virus can travel in only three seconds? Who are we fooling by mindlessly practicing this practically useless precaution? It's obviously serving no than to provide us with a false sense of security. There's no science to support its effectiveness.
  2.  Staying Home. Everyone is urged to stay home, and we are expected to feel absolutely safe there, where nothing, not even the coronavirus can enter and terrorize us. WRONG! I'll offer a few very realistic scenarios to show you the obvious flaws of this precaution: what if someone in your family drives off and gets unknowingly exposed to the disease, because s/he happened to stand in a lengthy line a bit close and long enough to a stranger, who has the coronavirus; or the teenaged son decides to join a crowded social event to express his deep-seated anti-racial sentiments; or the teenaged daughter visits her best friend's house and this time forgets to put on the tiresome face covering, where the coronavirus had already spread unsuspectingly to each member in the household. Reader, here's the bottom line: It takes only one person in your family to go anywhere, catch the disease during an unguarded moment, bring it home and destroy completely your once sacred haven. That's how entire households had contracted the disease and entire families have died eventually from it.
  3.  Face Mask. We are all under the powerful impression that a face mask is our ultimate lifeline, which will unfailingly prevent us from catching the coronavirus. Think again! Though a face mask is a good preventative measure, it's FAR from perfect, which I will prove momentarily with flying colors! Obviously a face mask could only serve those wearing one as a false sense of security. Proof that face masks are failing: nurses and doctors in the front-line, who wear face masks religiously, are still contracting the coronavirus. Experts are at a loss, but the fact remains that face masks cannot truly prevent anyone from catching the extremely contagious coronavirus.
I was just chatting with a good friend whose wife, a former nurse, abandoned her job weeks ago; she had called her husband to come pick her up late at night from the hospital. Why? In the midst of a world in chaos, in the midst of rising death toll, in the midst of patients, nurses, and even doctors dying suddenly from the disease, she was overwhelmed and horrified for her life! Some time later she received the very sad news that three of her co-workers (nurses) have died after contracting the coronavirus. As you see clearly, these people who wear the best kind of face masks daily--industrial-grade--are still catching the coronavirus and dying from it.

Do you finally see how you're gambling with your life and taking a HUGE RISK by relying blindly and largely on the top 3 precautions? Coronavirus does not discriminate, for it kills young and old, nurses, doctors, inmates, movie stars, etc. Are you waiting to be next?

If you are interested in surviving the pandemic, continue reading!

The other day one of my mother's friends entered a store wearing a face mask and still caught the coronavirus! This proves how wearing a face mask is NOT ENOUGH.

Do not allow fear to overpower your judgement. If you can ward off the common cold virus, there is no reason why you can also ward off the coronavirus.

As a devoted researcher, I stumbled over a product one day, which fascinated me at the time, appearing by all accounts as a sure winner for CFS patients. This was Mushroom Complex, which consists of 7 different mushrooms, and each mushroom enhances one's immune system. Here's a list of the product's mushrooms:

  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)3 
  • Cordyceps Sinesis4
  • Lion's Mane5
  • Chaga6
  • Maitake7
  • Turkey Tail8
  • Shiitake9
I have checked and verified through 7 different independent sources that each named mushroom does in fact boosts one's immune system. In addition, I have listed those sources below so you can confirm the information and satisfy any doubt lingering in your mind.

With this excellent product you can now arm yourself by boosting your immunity to the highest possible degree, which in turn will make you immune to catching any viruses, including the coronavirus.

After I have taken one of my daily dosages of mushroom complex, and someone's in my family either sneezes or coughs, I can walk freely throughout the house and never catch anyone's common cold. Why? Because the more I continue to take the mushroom complex, the 7 different mushrooms are working together in strengthening my immune system, making it stronger and stronger in a gradual basis.

Do you want to be like those families where someone caught the coronavirus and everyone died inevitably?

The other night my brother asked me in a worried tone: "What's wrong with our sister?", for she had been lying across the sofa all day, obviously sick. I replied with unwavering confidence: "It doesn't matter what she got. I won't catch whatever she has, even if we are sitting on the same sofa."

How can I be so strangely confident when others have committed suicide at the mere suspicion of having caught the coronavirus? Easy: I have been taking that mushroom product, making it nearly impossible for me to come down with anything. I honestly can't recall the last time I had gotten sick, not even getting the common cold, since I begun taking this highly effective immune-boosting mushroom formula each day like clockwork.

Before I reveal the website address for ordering Mushroom Complex, I must first mention how you can help prevent covid-19 from claiming another life.

Tell A Friend & Save A Life!

It's my uncompromising opinion that nearly the grand total death toll resulting from the pandemic is SENSELESS and completely AVOIDABLE! Why? Because the excellent Mushroom Complex, if used timely, would have strengthened everyone's immune system, and thus, PREVENTED the massive slaughter!

Hey, wouldn't you in good conscience like to tell at least your best friend about Mushroom Complex before it became way too late, before s/he catches the dreaded disease and DIES NEEDLESSLY?

In the end of this post, after the last reference, take only a minute to share this blog post with your social group and make a difference in helping to terminate coronavirus's senseless, deadly streak.

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